a. Which INCOTERM should I use according to my needs?2022-05-27T22:38:04+00:00

To select the most adequate incoterm, we must understand the commercial terms and negotiation between both parties. You should evaluate your company’s capacity, the shipment method, and the level of service and responsibility that you want to provide or receive from the supplier.

Learn about the different INCONTERMS and the responsibilities each one carries.

b. What information should I gather to quote my shipment?2022-05-27T22:43:51+00:00

You need to know all the basic information of your goods: weight, volume, value, its tariff code (if you have it), type of container you need, incoterm and know the origin and destination of the shipment.

c. How much can a container hold?2022-05-27T22:50:02+00:00

A 20ft sea container can hold up to 10 standard pallets. 33 cubic meters in volume and a maximum weight capacity of 28 tons. (28.000 kgs).
Ig. 400 Plasma TV’s.

A 40ft sea container can hold up to 22 standard pallets. 60 cubic meters in volume and a maximum weight capacity of 29 tons. (29.000 kgs).
Ig. 400 4 Cars.

Remember when calculating your goods in the container, to mind the weight, volume, measurements and type of cargo. In Novacomex we can help you!

d. If my goods don’t fill up a complete container, what other options do I have?2022-05-27T22:53:18+00:00

Do not worry! There is a shipment option called LCL (less than container load). When your cargo doesn’t take up all the space in a container, you can share this remaining space with other goods from multiple suppliers. In Novacomex we can help you find who to share it with.

e. ¿How should I decide on air vs. sea shipment?2022-05-27T22:55:51+00:00

I’ts all up to your specific needs. The type of cargo you want to shop and the size, volume, costs and delivery time.

Air shipments are known and used for its shorter lead time, security, versatility in cargo, however they have higher costs and has volume limitations.

Sea shipments are less costly, they can carry bigger amounts of weight and volume, however, lead times are longer.

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